Everest Foundation Nepal (EFN)

  • Kathmandu


Old Sinamagal

About Us

Our Mission

The Everest Foundation Nepal is a Nepali conceived and run organization that uses local and international resources to safeguard the health and well being of Nepali Children and women and to offer them the education, shelter, food and vocational tools to enable them to fully and equally contribute to Nepali society and compete in the global arena.

Our Values:

We are the Everest Foundation Nepal. We Give Women and Children a Helping Hand. We believe in living our values; our work should reflect our beliefs and our values should be reflected in all of the work we do.

We Creed

We believe:

  • In multiculturalism and inclusion
  • That with help and support society’s marginalized can have a fulfilling future, that everyone has unique contributions to make, and that hope can be rekindled
  • That pure drinking water, decent sanitation, proper nutrition and good health care are the foundation on which all future efforts must be built
  • That literacy should be a basic civil right and individual self sufficiency a societal goal; that quality education is the shortest route out of poverty and despair; that safeguarding the environment is part of every responsible educational curriculum

About those whom we serve and those who volunteer, we believe:

  • That no program should be designed or executed without input and involvement from those it is intended to serve
  • That those who give of their time and talents and resources deserve the respect for their contributions and the satisfaction of knowing the eventual outcome of their efforts