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About Us

To provide sources of clean water to rural villages in Ethiopia which currently lack such resources. In addition we have built a primary school in Southern Ethiopia with an enrollment of 2000 students as well as sending a container of books to schools in the region. Sixty five percent of all citizens in Ethiopia do not have access to clean water. This results in an estimated 125,000 children which die each year from water borne diseases. Ethiopia has more than abundant water resources, however, its quality, access and distribution is woefully inadequate. As in many African coutries, the job of collecting water primarily falls to women and young girls. Very often they must travel up to 3 or 4 miles to the nearest stream or water source to get their daily supply. This results in a lack of otherwise productive effort or in the case of children, an inability to attend school. The amount of water that can be collected is limited to how much can be carried on one's back which often times necessitates two or more trips per day. Last year we built 4 water projects which provided clean water to over 2000 people. We are currently seeking funds for 2 additional large projects which will result in clean water to nearly 3000 people and their livestock. Donations and further information can be found on our website: www.bekha.org