the Noble Truth Project Inc.

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395 Pryor Street

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About Us

Our goal is to inform adjudicated adolescents and their communities of constructive alternatives utilizing love, compassion and mindfulness. Love is expressed through passion shown by the Noble Truth Project’s staff to assist in their holistic development. Compassion is shown continuously through lectures and open discussions to help improve one’s ability in handling maladaptive situations. Mindfulness is demonstrated through activities such as yoga, community service, and peer counseling, which is useful for both adolescents and their families when facing challenges that contribute to mental anguish.

  The Noble Truth Project Incorporated aims to create a zero percent recidivism rate among our adjudicated adolescents through dedicated service initiatives. The Noble Truth will foster positive examples for adolescents and their families in the community by assisting them with consistent quality education for the improvement of society. We will establish relationships with local businesses and organizations to build a network of secure and reliable employment opportunities for the adjudicated child and their families. Thus, The Noble Truth Project Inc. will create its own cycle of employment and rehabilitation for our community.