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About Us

Long Distance Voter (LDV) is the internet's most comprehensive resource for registering and voting by mail. LDV aims to simplify the absentee voting process by gathering all the information in one place and organizing it into easy-to-read voter guides. Prior to LDV's launch, there was no centralized resource for absentee voting information. The original LDV team spent over 10 months gathering forms, writing absentee voter guides, and building the site. Because voter registration is an essential part of the absentee process, LDV has incorporated registration information and tools into the site, and into each voter guide.

Since launching in 2008, LDV has helped one million Americans get the information they need to register to vote and submit an absentee ballot. We also collarborate with a wide range of non-partisan organizations, from Rock the Vote to Voto Latino, on Get Out The Vote efforts.

Long Distance Voter is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization registered in California. We do not support or oppose any political candidate or party.