Flying Needle Project

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47 Commercial St
Cape Town
South Africa

About Us

The mission of the Flying Needle Project (FNP) is to provide complementary healthcare to the impoverished and vulnerable populations living in South Africa and HIV/AIDS infected people. It utilizes registered Acupuncturists and Doctors of Traditional Chinese Medicine who practice Acupuncture and adjunctive therapies. The clinic offers services to those with little or no resources. It incorporates complementary healing measures along with sustained support to those infected with HIV and other assorted ailments. FNP aims to work in conjunction with allopathic medicine and anti retro-viral (ARV) medications to provide integrative, holistic treatment. FNP believes that it is important that the patient’s have access to complementary therapies that work in conjunction with the use of ARVs. FNP concentrates on providing a high quality of complementary healthcare to HIV positive patients to enable them to lead healthier lives. The Flying Needle Project is born out of the need for a form of healthcare that is affordable, effective, mobile, supportive and widespread. It is founded on the principle that health care is a right, and not a privilege. The vision of FNP is to offer complementary health care to anyone who requires it in order to bolster the strained national health system. At this point FNP is an umbrella organization of Scalabrini Center of Cape Town (SCCT. We intend to start FNP as its own Non Profit in the next year.