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About Us

Founded in April 2006.

Vision: The integral development of communities for a world without poverty.

Values: Integrity, Transparency, Accountability and Teamwork.

Mission: To empower and inspire women and youths of selected communities to have a sense of responsibility in order to ensure a healthy, peaceful and prosperous community with access to information and innovative projects for integral development.

Programme Areas

  1. Popular participation, human rights, governance(revenue transparency and accountability in oil and extractive industry sector).
  2. Community information and community special projects scheme.(Adopt An Orphan Project)
  3. Community Health Development( Reproductive Health, HIV & AIDS and Malaria).
  4. Water, Sanitation,Environment and Climate Change
  5. Community Research Advocacy and Peace Building.Conflict Transformation, Natural Resources Management,Post Conflict Re-integration, alternative options
  6. Community Women and youth empowerment, sustainable livelihoods. Women’s Rights