Palestinian Childs Home Club - Youth Development Resources Center

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Ras Eljora st.

About Us

The Palestinians CHilds Home Club - Youth Development Resource Center ( referred as Hebron YDRC) is a space for Palestinian youth to develop their skills in different areas, engage with their peers, and become active members of their communities. The YDRC offers a diverse range of youth programming, designed to empower youth and help them realize their leadership potential. The Hebron YDRC was founded in 2008 by the Education Development Center, Inc. (EDC), with funding from USAID Two other YDRCs in Al Bireh and Nablus opened as well, all aspart of the US-Palestinian Partnership Initiative.

The Hebron YDRC was established in the Palestinian Child’s Home Club (PCHC), a sports and cultural organization which has worked to build a culture of peace and respect for human rights since 1996. The YDRC model has helped expand programming at the club, and today the center has grown into an indispensible resource platform for youth. The programming offered through the YDRC, coupled with continued sports and cultural opportunities, is helping create a foundation of leaders to build a stronger community in the Hebron area. The YDRC is also a hub for youth throughout the southern West Bank, as it is also linked with a network of eight affiliated youth clubs in the area

Our Mission :

To provide opportunities for young people to realize their potential and to become active citizens.