Ishinomaki Children's Refuge Center

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About Us

The NPO "Ishinomaki Children's Refuge Center" is established to provide Ishinomaki's displaced children with psychological care. For now, children in Ishinomaki have enough supplies to survive. However, they are still suffering both emotionally and spiritually. We would therefore like to focus on improving their life by drawing, reading, and doing excise with them.

We still have quite big aftershocks even after the one happened on March 11. So many mentally and physically stressful events are still taking place in Tohoku.

In our website there are many posts which you can read and see what happened on the day March 11, and what is actually going on in the evacuation centers in Ishinomaki and near the area. Shigeki Shibata is the one who established the organization. He is blogging everyday and telling us how kids are doing there.

Shigeki and others in Ishinomaki are doing amazing things for children under these severe circumstances. We would like to share these stories with people who don't read Japanese, in order to raise the necessary attention abroad, as well. That is why we are looking for translators and people who can link our website.

For the time being we've got tremendous help from the University of Massachusetts and several people for our translations efforts. However, we are also looking for someone who can join us for a longer term.

We are looking for

• someone who translates from Japanese to English • someone who proofreads the translations

Unfortunately, we cannot afford to give anything in return, but if you wouldn't mind, please let us display your name and link your website on the translators' page.

The website to be translated is here;

The English website is this one;

If you are interested in this project, or if you know someone who may be interested in it, please e-mail Mika Riedel. or,

The things Shigeki and others are doing in Ishinomaki are amazing. We would like to share this with the world.