Amazon Shelter

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Km 11 tambopata road
puerto maldonado
Madre de Dios

About Us

We fight for the protection of the Amazonian biodiversity. We achieve this by rescuing and rehabilitating various species threatened by the destruction of their habitat and wildlife trafficking. 

Our second mission is to raise awareness among the population through environmental education programs and to promote the importance of the conservation of the environment.

Here are a few examples of what we have achieved so far. We have had 13 successful pregnancies and births of howler monkeys. The mortality rate of Howler monkey in captivity is very high due to specific diet which is hard to replicate and to the fact that they are often so depressed that they die. Amazon Shelter is the only shelter that has achieved ideal conditions for this species of monkey so they can thrive healthily while being in captivity and even manage to reproduce. Out of the total of animals we have rehabilitated, 60% has been released and 50% of the animals currently kept here have a release plan.