PNWO | Parveen Nadeem Welfare Organization

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About Us

Organization Description
PNWO | Parveen Nadeem Welfare Organization a non-profit, non-political, non-government ecumenical development organization wants to bring peace in society by promoting understanding on different issues. PNWO really encourage people of different classes to come forward to unite and work for the development of women. Encourage people to use their utmost capabilities and attaining the heights of self-less service for our nation. Provide education & educational skills to help boost literacy rate. Give frequent updates on health problems through seminar and workshops. Endorse endless harmony among people of different religions. Lead women to the right path to attain their rights. Protect women lawlessness by ensuring proper abidance of law in society. Provide relief to unduly caught prisoner women on humanitarian ground. A special focus would be given of Primary health education, Reproductive health, and population welfare by family planning, mother child health care. Providing safe drinking water is also priority of the society, Seminar, workshops would be arranged to celebrate special occasions and days. The other objectives of the organization to develop the urge for quality life the poor and needy Pakistani Community (women) using all resources to provide them maximum facilities in their lives. Poverty is the main problem of the 85% Pakistani Community, we give a special focus to eradicate it.70% community is related to our under developed Agriculture sector, we will prepare a comprehensive plan for its development. The statutory mandate was To help promote the development of a socio-economic and politically sound society and to improve the living standards of rural and urban slums populations in Southern Punjab of Pakistan. However, it is registered under the Societies Registration Act,1860,(Act XXI of 1860)as a not-for-profit organization having mandate to operate in the entire Pakistan. Presently, it could operational in 15 districts 53 Tehsils of Southern Punjab

PNWO wants to see the well aware, educated, peaceful and prosperous Society with equitable access to human rights, social justice health and economic resources  

PNWO wants to implement all the actionable solutions, strategies and plans in corporation with the partners, organizations and marginalized communities of society to secure and aware them.

Thematic Areas
1. To empower deprived of society, youth, women’s, children, minorities and farmers though education/ awareness & trainings to secure their basic human rights.
2. Health awareness and services (Cancer, HIV/AIDS & Malaria)
3. Eradication of poverty and unemployment youth through providing financial services, trainings and skill development.
4. Engaging youth in social development, peace and interfaith harmony processes through providing platforms and opportunities for their empowerment.
6. Gender concerns and improving the role of women.
8. Develop their linkages, capacity building, and awareness. Education, health care, livelihood projects, advocacy. Training’s.
9. Disaster Management 

Planning & Strategy
Public Awareness.
Social Mobilization.
Capacity Building.
Networking & Linkages development.

Worth & Values

Human Dignity.
Rights and Responsibilities.
Equality and Equity.
Peace for Rural and Urban & Communities.


To capacitate youth, children and women and institutions by providing social and training opportunities and promoting voluntary actions.
To provide economic and social opportunities especially to women, minorities and youth groups.