The Body is Not An Apology

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About Us

The Body Is Not an Apology is a global movement focused on radical self love and body empowerment. We believe that each time one of us unapologetically owns our beauty, loves our scars, heals our shame; we in turn give others permission to do the same!

We believe that discrimination, social inequality and injustice are manifestations of our inability to make peace with the body, our own and others. Through education, personal transformation projects and community building, The Body is Not an Apology facilitates radical unapologetic self love which translates to radical human action in service to a more just and compassionate world.

The Unapologetic Posse is the motley crue of people across the globe who have decided to live unapologetically in their own skin. This decision was made regardless and in celebration of body type, race, sexual orientation, gender, physical or mental ability, age or any other difference. By simply being on this page you have joined the posse. Unapologetic Posse members:

  • Work to dismantle their personal body shame by reminding themselves of their individual amazingness on a regular basis.
  • Help their friends and loved ones see how body shame is keeping them from living their best lives and encourage them to live unapologetic existences.
  • Challenge acts of Body Terrorism among their friends, families, communities and social spheres.
  • Share information, resources, and inspiration with each other as we all take the journey toward radical unapologetic self love.