The Catholic University of America- Integral Economic Development

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About Us

Integral economic development is an approach that seeks to strengthen the civil and social institutions required for sustainable development, one that takes an integrated view of the person's role in society. It is an approach that development entities increasingly demand. Integral economic development, seen from the perspective of the whole human person and whole human community, is at the core of our programs and the mission of The Catholic University of America (CUA). The CUA School of Business and Economics offers a two-year M.A. in Integral Economic Development Policy (IEDP) and one-year M.A. in Integral Economic Development Management (IEDM). 

Through advanced quantitative measurement study and an applied research project, each student gains direct experience to design, implement, manage and evaluate development programs. IEDP graduates also hone real-world skills in effective policy design and quantitative policy evaluation.  Cross-disciplinary, the programs cover public and private sector management. Course options explore politics and development, global agriculture and health, energy and the environment and education and community development.  In Washington, DC, heart of the international development community, the programs equip professionals from the U.S. and across the globe with advanced technical and management skills to excel in their career and catalyze greater economic prosperity.