Shoklo Malaria Research Unit

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About Us

SMRU’s clinics along the Thai-Myanmar border offer free healthcare to people who are unable to access care in the government systems due to conflict in their home villages in Myanmar, lack of healthcare services available in rural Myanmar, lack of legal status in Thailand, cost of healthcare services, and language barriers. We see more than 100,000 patients annually, focusing especially on pregnant women and children’s health, malaria elimination from the area, and care for people infected with tuberculosis. We provide prenatal care and delivery services (including postpartum contraception) to over 2,000 women per year, and lifesaving care for their infants.  Founded to reduce mortality due to malaria in this population, we now provide increasingly broad care for patients suffering from infectious and non-infectious diseases.  Our research is oriented towards solving clinical problems relevant to this low-resource setting in order to improve care in our clinics and globally.

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