Molly's Network

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Karume Road
Dar es Salaam


About Us

Molly's Network is Tanzania's first and only assessment and accreditation scheme for non-profit organisations.  We focus specifically on small, local NGOs believing that these organisations have the best understanding of the need in their community and are best placed to meet that need.   

Molly's Network works in three key strategic areas: Firstly, we identify highly efficient and effective organisations through our independent assessment process. We seek to promote and connect these organisations to donors, partners and other funding opportunities. Secondly, organisations that do well in our assessment but are not at Accreditation standard we categorise as 'High Potential'.  We aim to support these organisations to address their areas of organisational weakness by providing capacity building support. Finally, we facilitate and promote learning and sharing amongst our network of civil society organisations (CSOs), recognising the wealth of experience that the network has.