Faraja youth group organization

About Us


Faraja youth group is one of the youth Based Organization which is set to eradicate poverty, promote education and create employment opportunities. This organization is unique in such a way that it deals with all ages of our people in the society. It actually improves the living standards of our people socially, economically and materially.


1.Train its members on viable income generating projects. The project includes (Agricultural) Dairy farming, entrepreneurship and sustainable investments through attending seminars and Agricultural rallies. 2.Establish a dairy farming Scheme hence promote the community with enough milk and also practice poultry farming. 3.Encourage and support pupils, students and trainees in attaining their levels of education and fulfilling their dreams through education. 4.Amending the community through bible teachings. This encourages people to know God and live a spiritual life. 5.Educate the community on how to deal with entrepreneurship and self employment 6. Open an institution and support/educate the community about technical; courses such as tailoring, welding and carpentry.


The organization started on 20th June 2007 with few members. The following are the things we have done since we formed this organization; 1. We bought four plots in different areas. 2. In one of the plot we planted cash crops (sugar cane) 3. In another plot we have planted food crops such as maize and beans. 4. We have also built a structure under which we use to advise, counsel and teach biblical life.

This is our starting point and we believe things can change and become better. All the plans we have are not yet done. This is because, we are unstable financially.

The problems we face in this organization are as follows: - 1.Transportation – We are unable to take/carry some of our members to view our plots projects as the plots are at a distant.

2.Supporting students and trainees. Sometimes, it just gets tough – that is we have no money at all and we are forced to stop them from attending classes which is not good. 3. As for those people we train about self employment, after they have accomplished their studies, it is our prayer that we provide them with rooms and buy them machines so that they may carry out their activities and earn a living. This will enable them contribute something small to F Y G as appreciation to the organization. It also means that the organization needs a Big Agricultural Farm.