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The Clinical Psychology Doctoral Program (Psy.D.) at LIU Post trains students who want to practice as clinical psychologists with a strong interest in traditionally underserved populations. In addition to mastering a rigorous core curriculum, Psy.D. students gain special competencies in one of three areas: Applied Child, Family Violence, or Serious Mental Illness. Our highly experienced faculty provides clinical and theoretical training in the two major orientations in the field today: cognitive-behavioral and psychoanalytic. As a result, our graduates are prepared to practice with one or both models, affording considerable flexibility in a professional world of constantly changing demands and opportunities.

The Clinical Psychology Doctoral Program has as its basic purpose the training of doctoral level clinical psychologists who will exhibit professional attitudes and apply current knowledge and practice skills for the prevention and alleviation of psychological problems. The program is also committed to training students who will provide services in public sector settings to traditionally underserved groups. While the mission is to broadly train clinical psychologists, the program also seeks to provide each student with special competencies in one of three areas: Family Violence, Applied Child Psychology, or Serious Mental Illness. The program also provides its graduates with clinical and theoretical training in two major orientations-psychoanalytic and cognitive-behavioral.

After the first year, students balance course work with clinical training as externs in approved patient-care institutions. Second-year students train at the LIU Post Psychological Services Center (PSC), which offers low-cost preventative and clinical mental health services to community members. Third- and fourth-year students complete closely supervised externships at one of more than 50 training sites in the New York-New Jersey metropolitan area, including inpatient, outpatient and community mental health facilities.

The Clinical Psychology Doctoral Program at LIU Post is a practitioner-scholar training program that offers both cognitive behavioral therapy and psychodynamic theoretical training to its students. Students who successfully complete the five-year program will receive a Doctor of Psychology Degree, (Psy.D.).

Entering into doctoral-level training in our program is a five-year, full-time commitment. Applicants are encouraged to thoroughly review the program’s training model, to speak to current and former students, and to attend our Open House Events. Within this guide to admissions, you will find pertinent information about admission requirements, procedures, and timelines.

For more information about entering doctoral-level study and about becoming a clinical psychologist, please review the American Psychological Associations website

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