Melanesia Education Development Foundation Inc.

About Us

Our Mission is to develop and promote education opportunities for the less fortunate or the underprivileged school children/students in order to assist them realize their full potentials in life.

Our major Program is the establishment of a "Scholarship Fund Program" and "Education Materials and Infrastructure Development Program" respectively. The objective is to develop a Scholarship Fund to provide scholarships or sponsorships for the less fortunate children and students. The Education Materials and Infrastructure Development Program is to provide educational material support like: reading books, computers, school supplies, sewing machines, vegetable seeds, school equipments, etc, and to provide support to development of classrooms, dormitories, libraries, teacher's housing, laboratories, auditoriums, electricity, telecommunication, internet, clinics, etc, to the rural needy schools for the benefit of its needy school children and students in order to provide them an education opportunity in their life time.

Therefore; we seek generous sponsors and project partners to support our cause to serve the less fortunate children and students as well as the needy rural based schools in Papua New Guinea.