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About Us

KUSI SONQO, means Happy Hearts in the Inka language and is a voluntary program run by Yapuq-Proder, an NGO that has worked since 1991 with the mission of helping rural, indigenous and Quechuan communities in central Peru considered to be in extreme poverty.

Volunteers of Kusi Sonqo work to continue to address the needs of these communities. Our volunteers work in rural communities and urban areas on the edge of Huancayo that have grown rapidly due to displacement of people fleeing rural poverty and terrorism.

Traditional communities in Central Peru have diverse shortcomings, We are working in four state run schools. These schools need help teaching arts, crafts, technology, sports, music, English, mathematics, sciences and the implementation of productive workshops that help children and young innovators be able to escape poverty. We want to give children structured learning, however we also give the volunteer a great deal of freedom to plan their own lessons and implement changes if they feel that they can help.

Our objective to improve the lives of our children also includes working with their families and communities. They also welcome volunteers to work with the men and women of our towns. They need help and action in family planning, parental care, protection of the environment, improving health, hygiene and medicine, improving and constructing kitchens and workshops.

We also need somebody to help in our office, improving our website, answering emails in English, promoting the voluntary program, developing new projects, financial management and recording project funding.

During your time with us you can enjoy staying in Samay, a welcoming family house where you can find all the amenities you will need, information, excursions and fascinating tours that will let you know our people, their traditions and culture.

Matthew Ingham a graduate and volunteer of Manchester Metropolitan University, with the help of Mark Ledden and Colette Craddok have given life to the KUSI SONQO project. In Huancayo Peru the director is Eduardo Candiotti, anthropologist, has many years experience working with vulnerable communities and studying Andino and Amazonian cultures. For is work he has won accolades and awards including the Andrés Bello Latin American and the Caribbean.

Highlights You will be volunteering in the Central Andes, one of the most beautiful and spectacular areas on earth. Huancayo is not a touristic city. This means that you will be able to experience traditional and the real way of life of normal people in Central Peru. We are a very cheap option and we do not charge a large reservation fee.

We are working with two rural schools on the edge of Huancayo, this means that you have the opportunity to choose the kind of experience you have and the way you live. We can be flexible and adapt to your needs.

Qualifications An intermediate level of Spanish. If you do need help to improve your Spanish we can offer you classes for only 8 dollars an hour.

All volunteers teaching should have at least some relevant experience and be able to stay for a minimum of one month. People working in other areas can stay for shorter periods; this can be discussed with us.

Languages Spanish


Costs in US dollars

We offer different costs Please see costs of the program

Costs of the Program

100 USD donations.

Living in Huancayo

+ Room for one person: 7 days 105 dol, 15 days 220 dol, 30 days 420 dol, 60 days 800 dol.

+ Room for two persons: 7 days 91 dol, 15 days 190 dol, 30 days 360 dol, 60 days 680 dol per person.

+ Room for 3 persons or more: 7 days 77 dol, 15 days 160 dol, 30 days 300 dol, 60 days 560 dol per person.

The cost include, breakfast every morning, the used of the kitchen for the preparation of your lunch and dinner. There is also really close from the house, plenty of really cheap and tasty restaurant that offers a wide range of type of food that will suits everyone taste.

Required experience

Every volunteer working with children should have relevant experience.

Types of volunteering

Teaching of children and young people Economic development

Construction Sports

Education of adults Care of children

Basic sanitation Ecology and environment

Health infrastructure Conserving archeological sites and tourism

Water Gender and indigenous communities

Family planning Community development

Small Businesses technological improvements

Nutrition Community culture and tourism

Typical Volunteer

You should be a person that is enthusiastic, professional and willing to engage. Volunteers should have a good level of independence and be motivated.


+ 18

This program is open to

This program is open to anyone across the whole world and is open to couples and individuals.

Home - stays

Travel of Participants

Independently or in groups

Generally participants work

Independently or in groups of 3

Application process

By writing or Email

Time to process application

48 hours

Yapuq-Proder (Program of Kusi Voluntary Sonqo) 's Declaration of Mission

The mission of Kusi sonqo is to assist in improving the development of education and executing activities aimed at raising the standard of living in impoverished and disadvantaged traditional communities around Huancayo, Perú. As well as using volunteers, and donations and the support of local authorities we hope to use the academic capacities and abilities of four local schools. With this hope to raise the overall level of education and teaching in the areas. The organization will work in a non political, non religious manner and will intend to carry out its work and strategies through the use of knowledge, enthusiasm and ideas of its volunteers and actively encourages volunteers to develop the program in any way that they see possible.

Year of Foundation



Jiron florida 285 Huancayo Peru (altura del Obelisco de Giràldez)

Tel fax: 0051 064 365259


KUSI SONQO, means Happy Hearts in the Inka language and is a voluntary program run by Yapuq-Proder, an NGO that has worked since 1991 with the mission of helping rural, indigenous and Quechuan communities in central Peru considered to be in…

Issue Areas Include

  • Children & Youth
  • Community Development
  • Education
  • Volunteering
  • Women


  • Huancayo, JUN 0051

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