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Ho/ Adaklu Abuadi

About Us

What We Do

Help Our Village Foundation is a rural Eco Tourism Destination. A non-profit and non-governmental organisation, was created in 1992 as a community based project under the visionary leadership of the Queen of Adaklu Mamaga Afedima II. It aims at promoting Adaklu community, Brown cotton production in Adaklu and the Adaklu Mountain as an Eco-Tourism Destination. As a source of knowledge, Providing Educational and cross cultural programs and services to the youth, volunteers, students, educators and institutions.

Our Vision

Every person feeling connected to and participating in community building through tourism to help reduce poverty among the women of Adaklu

Our Mission

Our Mission is to promote the value of volunteering and increase the range and quality of volunteering as a tool for community building

Our Values

Four core values underpin the work of Help Our Village Foundation

  • Connectivity: Volunteering is a positive movement within society which enables people to connect with others and their communities.
  • Equality/ Inclusion We believe all people should be valued and respected equally. We are also committed to identifying and removing barriers that prevent inclusion of vulnerable groups.(Example women)
  • Community Ownership: We believe that healthy communities can respond to their own social needs and issues and volunteering is one mechanism that assist these causes. The use of the brown coloured cotton as an income generating activity for the women of Adaklu through tourism.
  • Sustainability: We champion durable solutions and commitment over Band-Aid approaches that produce unsustainable results.

Help Our Village Foundation

  • Manages as a portal for volunteering in Ghana especially Adaklu, offering volunteering opportunities in other communities and tourist attractions.
  • Promotes volunteering through community based projects and activities, celebrating the value and impact of volunteers as well.
  • Facilitates and promotes the services offered by local communities in Adaklu
  • Develops best practice within and across Volunteer Centres and the organizations we work with
  • Collaborates with other volunteering and third-sector organizations.
  • Offers request , presentations and workshops related to volunteering for volunteer involving organizations across the world.
  • Making the communities we work in role models for other communities to emulate.
  • Co-ordinates programs of volunteer management training that is delivered locally by institutions like Ghana Tourist Board, GREET and our partner Organizations on how best we can improve on our products and services