9th Bridge School

  • NV


310 S. 9th Street
Las Vegas
United States

About Us

9th Bridge is a bold co-creation and collaboration born of the Downtown Project. We’re on a journey to redefine the experience of school, and it’s one that learners, teachers, families and the Las Vegas community will embark on together.

Located in the heart of Downtown Las Vegas, we will be opening in a beautifully renovated historical building, which has been transformed into a learning environment that powers the educational experience we envision. We offer a unique approach for educating children based on neuroscience and social-emotional learning, with a focus on creativity and entrepreneurship. In our inaugural year, 9th Bridge will be home to families of children 6 weeks old through Kindergarten, and over the coming years we’ll be expanding our programs as our students grow.

We’re starting by investing in human capital. We’re starting with children, the foundation of tomorrow. Like a startup, each child requires support for their individual needs as they navigate through life and we intend to give them those tools.

In building this school, we’re transforming the social core of the community by starting with our children. Businesses and inventions may come and go, but the culture, community, environment, and spirit that enable them to be created must be nurtured to always stay. Through social-emotional learning, the children of 9th Bridge will grow to be curious, confident, community-minded citizens. We must start with our children: the ultimate return on community for Las Vegas.