Magic Lamp Foundation

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About Us

The mission of the Magic Lamp (Csodalampa) Wish Fulfilling Foundation is to grant a wish to any, 3-18 years old child, who suffers from a life-threatening illness and whose family normally cannot afford to fulfil this wish.

By granting the wish, the foundation would like to make the life of these children a little happier if only for a few hours or days.

We hope that with our help they will be able to forget the hospital, medicines, treatments, become - at least for a while "everyday" children and maybe we can also strengthen their, and their families', belief and hope in a recovery.

You can help us by donating the things or the funds to finance the fulfilling of the wishes or finance the running of the foundation.

Assisting us does not necessarily mean only funding:

You can help us by telling us about a child - who you believe may be eligible for a wish - or tell his/her parents, doctors about the Magic Lamp Foundation. Please note, that we can only accept a referral from the parents, the treating medical staff or from the child him/ herself.

You can help us to fulfill a wish by providing the "right" connections to the right people.

You can help us in person, to run the foundation or become involved in the wish-granting process. (Yes, it is a real process in many steps: talk to the "wish-owner's" doctor, family, record the "critical" moment, when the wish is no longer a wish but becomes a reality, and so on.)

You can help us many other ways that you will only be able to find out by seeing the wishes in progress on our home page.