Agenda, Be.

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Kansas City
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About Us


Agenda, Be is an organization that engages communities to be more non-profit minded. We do this all through the "BE More Fund of KC". Our operations are separated into two simple categories that are focused on both, helping non-profits gain "Exposure" and providing real tangible "Interactions" withing the community in hopes to create a culture of doing and being more.


Through our exposure initiative, we help & provide resources for non-profits to more effectively and efficiently engage Kansas City. We do this through our website, blogs, news appearances, calendar of events, short & full length documentaries and much more! We constantly push our social media efforts to stay up-to-date in the community and be a voice for non-profit engagement. We hope to do this to the best of our ability by providing a serious and educated level of engagement while also maintaining a passionate and fun attitude toward what we do.


Our interactions initiative is much more hands on! Each year we complete and film 52 real, tangible "Acts of Good" with both people in need and those who continually better Kansas City. These acts are our way to inspire the good we want to see in the world. Through this increased community interaction, we aim to start a conversation, one that leads to a greater understanding and a heightened awareness of what each and every one of us can do every day to do and BE more.