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About Us

Theatre Now New York is a non-profit company that focuses on the creation and development of new plays and musicals towards the presentation of fully produced shows.

Our flagship program is our annual SOUND BITES Festival of 10-minute Musicals now entering it’s fifth year. SOUND BITES offers a unique opportunity for talented writers, composers, and lyricists to showcase their work in front of audiences and industry professionals.  Through an open submission process, Theatre Now New York selects the ten best 10-minute musicals or musical stand-alone excerpts which are then presented as a one evening event in NYC at an off Broadway theatre. SOUND BITES gives an exhilarating opportunity for artists of all theatrical disciplines at any point in their careers in getting their work seen and possibly developed further or even produced. Our SOUND BITES website is at and our main website is at

Theatre Now New York is a consortium member of the West End Theatre, an intimate 87 seat theatre,  located in the Church of St. Paul & St. Andrew on West 86th Street and West End Avenue. As a consortium member, Theatre Now New York has available performance slots throughout the year for our productions. This fall we are producing three full length new musicals that were created by writers we met through the past four years of SOUND BITES. For more information on the West End Theatre visit the consortium website at

So often theatre writers have limited opportunities to develop their work and mostly are confined to readings often having to cover all of their own expenses which can be costly. Theatre Now New York is unique in that we offer writers the opportunity to get their work up on it’s feet in front of live audiences while at the same time providing entertainment and quality new theatre to appreciative audiences.  

Future goals include more programming that will provide opportunities for more new plays and musicals including the possibility of producing full productions at the later stage of development outside of NYC.


  • Facilitating the creation and development of new theatrical works
  • The re-imagining of previously produced known titles and reinterpretation of classic works through workshops and work-in-progress presentations
  • Promoting the understanding and appreciation of live theatre and its process by the general public
  • Providing opportunities for emerging, mid-career and established theatre professionals