Science Play-space Initiative

  • OH

About Us

The Science Play-space Initiative’s mission is to enhance Knox County, OH by bringing people together to explore science and technology through play. We envision creating a non-profit local play space with a focus on science and technology. The space will include an indoor active play area, an area for the youngest children, and many areas where children of all ages can play in ways that foster scientific ways of understanding of the natural world and technology. The initiative is not limited to a specific space; we hope to reach out to all residents of Knox County, OH.


  • To develop natural curiosity in children and inspire adults
  • To help develop the economic and intellectual potential of our community
  • To foster community and intergenerational interaction
  • To create opportunities to playfully explore science and technology
  • To develop confidence in problem-solving ability and application through play
  • To enable visitors to experience and appreciate science through body, mind, and environment
  • To acquaint visitors with the tools and methods of science To increase awareness of local engagement in science and technology


  • Provide an enriching space for visitors to learn though playful activities
  • Take opportunities to explore science into venues beyond the space
  • Provide informal science education
  • Provide opportunities for volunteering
  • Provide opportunities for training future educators