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About Us

Who is WebServes?
WebServes enables organizations to fulfill their missions through the effective use of Internet technologies. Founded in 2005, WebServes is a nonprofit technology service provider with a comprehensive range of service-level responses to the needs of nonprofits, small businesses and startups, inc. branding, design, development, online marketing and consulting.

WebServes understands the difficulties of starting and running a nonprofit or small business and are ideally equipped to make your online identity as streamlined and effective as possible. We spend our time making the Internet serve you so that you can focus on what's truly important to your own group's mission.

What is your mission?
WebServes' mission is to work with other non-profits, small businesses, and start-ups so that they may take advantage of the Web and Internet with flexible and customized services. WebServes enables nonprofits to harness the power of the Internet to communicate with constituents, clients, funders and partners by tailoring cost-effective technology solutions. WebServes mission is focused on helping others do their work, execute their programs and address the needs of their constituents.

WebServes contributes to the technology literacy of its clients and helps them to make the best decisions to address their ends. We have found too that as our clients and their needs vary and change so do our own knowledge and skills need to change and stay up to date on the latest advances of the Web and Internet. We need to be more mobile, more agile, and more sensitive to cultural and demographic differences.

What makes your organization so unique in the non-profit space?
WebServes is a rare breed as a nonprofit organization that offers technology services, primarily to other nonprofits. It sets demanding criteria for these services by offering high quality at low-cost. WebServes' uniqueness does not come from the different services we offer so much as from the WebServes team itself. Our team is comprised of staff, volunteers, freelancers, and interns; all TechAgents. With skills as graphic and interface designers, user experience designers, coders, media strategists, and marketers. We recruit for diversity and with a view to provide opportunity where it is often lacking – for women, minorities, the foreign-born – where access to professional training and direct experience may be difficult to come by in tech fields. While some may be more experienced than others, there will always be a need to learn new skills in our field. Our TechAgents are continuously engaged in an educational and mentorship experience with a view to personal and professional development. They also bring a vitality and level of engagement that propels and inspires the organization.