Asia Hope Camp Organization

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About Us

Since 2011, ACOPIA has focused their efforts on a new project for the international youth named the Asia Hope Camp. The Camp operates under the slogan "Beyond natural disasters, to the world, to the future". It aims to bridge the global youth through the facilitation of multicultural exchange both in and out of Korea. In line with this, Asia Hope Camp works in cooperation with various other Japanese and Korean organizations.

ACOPIA has the following goals for Asia Hope Camp:

1. World volunteer map:

A project spearheaded by the young members of Korean society, this aims to highlight and emphasize the many volunteer opportunities that can be found all over the world. Koreans continue to be engaged in this endeavor. 

2. Free exchange of ideas:

To provide a hospitable environment for international dialogue and cultural exchange by

(a) welcoming the youth from all over the world, and

(b) increasing our interaction with other international volunteer organizations. 

Our volunteer activities have attracted Korean and Japanese people so far, but the nature of our work is without borders. We aim to gather people from a variety of nationalities. Therefore, our goal is to expand our horizons and make Asia Hope Camp a 'truly International Work Camp'.

3. Break barriers through volunteerism:

Asia Hope Camp not only provides a warm environment for the global youth to interact and work together, but it also aims to contribute in the alleviation of poverty in impoverished regions in Asia through the promotion of outreach and social activities.

Work Camps

We regularly hold cultural exchanges and camp programs in Japan and South Korea. We also introduce opportunities for internships. Through our international work camps, we work in order to improve the living conditions of different communities. We seek to mitigate social and environmental problems such as inadequate social welfare, agricultural failures and environmental degradation. We hope that each contribution made in every community would develop a route to world peace. Moreover, it is through these work camps that we aim to foster friendship & mutual understanding, and create strong bonds that go beyond our cultural differences.