Droit et Justice

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About Us

Our Mission:

Co-founded in 2009 by Reda Oulamine and Mourad Faouzi, Droit et Justice is a non-profit organization that aims to help improve the judicial system and the Rule of Law (ROL) in Morocco.— Independent of all political organizations, Droit et Justice aims to evolve the state of mind that reigns in the judicial system while denouncing cases of judicial dysfunction and suggesting improvements to current shortcomings.


  • Promote the rule of law in Morocco, the organization of community events, and public discourse (events, seminars, trainings...);
  • Establish contacts with institutions, organizations, national and international NGOs;
  • Provide legal assistance to indigent people, partner associations, victims of violations of human rights and fundamental freedoms;
  • Prepare reports on the different categories of law (civil and criminal, commercial, private and public, and national and international human rights), make recommendations, and produce proposals for reform;
  • Conduct research in all areas of law.

Our Activities:

In collaboration with partner organizations, Droit et Justice organizes seminars and roundtable discussions on various topics related to the rule of law in Morocco, such as civil liberties, human rights and democracy and the reform of criminal justice in Morocco. We have also organized a series of "Justice Roadshows," providing free legal advice to indigent people in rural areas, and are launching a refugee legal aid program in August 2013. For more information on our activities please visit our previous events page.