Amethod Public Schools

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345 12th Street - 2nd Floor
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About Us

Amethod Public Schools (AMPS) is a network of free, public, open-enrollment schools that serve a predominantly low-income, limited English, and traditionally underserved students in East San Francisco Bay Area. Since 1994, Amethod Public Schools has empowered students to strengthen the academic skills, work habits, and character development necessary to thrive in four-year colleges and providing youth with the opportunity and freedom to shape their futures and positively affect their families and future generations. The students we target and serve are overwhelmingly low-income and come from traditionally immigrant populations in the bay area. To meet the need of California’s large and growing population of underserved students for high-quality college-preparatory education, AMPS will expand its network to include six-eight schools that serve students from Kindergarten through twelfth grade.