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United Kingdom

About Us

Book Aid International is the major UK support for libraries in sub-Saharan Africa. It is a cost effective agency that believes in people's potential for self development, change and transformation through learning - and that the development of human capacity is essential for escaping poverty. Support for the long term development of the local book trade is a high priority. The aim is that locally produced and culturally relevant books should be made available for readers in Africa and beyond. Book Aid International works with partners that give the widest possible access to books and information, including public library services, community resource centres, schools and universities, as well as centres for medical and legal professionals. Carefully selected materials are made available to these organisations in around 50 developing countries - 85% of resources are targeted in 13 countries in sub-Saharan Africa; other programmes focus on parts of the Middle East and South East Asia. In total over 750,000 books are made available each year. Book Aid International is also working to influence key players in the UK and internationally to promote the essential role that libraries have to play in development.