Ujima Family Recovery Services

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1901 Church Lane
San Pablo
United States

About Us

Ujima Family Recovery Services (Ujima) was founded in 1986 to provide treatment options to mothers and pregnant women confronting their drug and alcohol addictions. At that time, in Contra Costa County and across the nation, women who wanted to recover had to relinquish their children to foster care or family members in order to attend programs in mixed-gender shelters. Ujima changed that paradigm by prioritizing keeping mothers and their children together while providing recovery services to both. Since our founding, we have served more than 10,000 women, children, and families at facilities located in West, East, and Central Contra Costa County.

Ujima’s mission is to provide effective, family-focused services to stop generational cycles of addiction and behavioral health problems. Ujima is a non-profit charitable organization dedicated to helping families recover from alcoholism, drug addiction and behavioral health problems.

“Ujima” means collective work and responsibility.