Carasso Science Park

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79 Ha'atzmaut St.
Be'er Sheva

About Us

Inspire, intrigue, motivate and educate people of all ages, with emphasis on schoolchildren; understanding that one must bridge the science gap by fostering the science and technology leaders of tomorrow.  

The park acts as an magnet for Science and Technology in the Negev and serves the underserved communities in the southern peripheral regions of Israel. The Park showcases cutting edge innovation, creative inventions and discoveries that changed the world by providing interactive exhibitions designed to spark interest, at a young age, to the fields of Science and Technology.  By providing the state-of-the-art educational enrichment activities, which can be found here, Carasso Science Park facilitates improved educational achievements for schoolchildren in the region, while developing new initiatives to maximize the potential of youth in the South so that they will be motivated to acquire an academic education and even a professional career in the fields.

The idea and vision of creating a modern, innovative and interactive science museum in the heart of Be’er Sheva:

•Operate as the leading scientific center in the region
•Spark the imaginations of youth to the world of Science and Technology
•Facilitate both formal and informal educational programs for youth
•Coordinate and lead science-based education in the Negev