Clark County Food Bank

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About Us

Our mission is to “Alleviate Hunger and Its Root Causes.” This two-part mission statement includes both the providing of emergency food to hungry individuals and families, and also the preventive element of doing everything we can to help people not be in a long-term place of needing food assistance.

While hunger often goes unseen, it is quietly eroding the strength and stability of our community and robbing dignity from adults, productive futures from our children and health from all. Individuals and families who once turned to food pantries for “emergency” relief, are now relying on the food bank network throughout the year. As a grower, gleaner, and supplier of food to local hunger relief organizations, Clark County Food Bank is a critical link between food and our neighbors in need.

Our commitment is to help our emergency food partners feed families and individuals each day. Working to help remedy the problem of hunger for the long-term health of our community, we are also fighting hunger at its roots by teaching low-income families how to plan for and prepare nutritional meals from the food products available from emergency food organizations throughout the county. Additionally, our farm and gardening initiatives assist people in becoming food more self-reliant for their food needs where appropriate.

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