Friends of Washington Crossing Park

  • PA

About Us

The Friends of Washington Crossing Park (FWCP) was formed to preserve the history of the area, fundraise, increase membership, and advertise volunteer opportunities. In July 2010, the Pennsylvania Historic and Museum Commission signed a partnership agreement with the Friends, who now assist in the operation of the park.

FWCP was formed when in 2009, the state of Pennsylvania threateneted to cancel the annual Crossing event on Christmas day due to financial budget cuts. The FWCP was fromed as an ad hoc group and successfully mobilized people and the financial resources to hold the crossing event.

The park commemorates Gen. George Washington leading his demoralized, ill-equipped troops across the icy river in 1776 to make a surprise attack on Hessian troops in Trenton, N.J. The victory reinvigorated American forces.