Sponsors, Inc. Mentorship Program

  • Oregon


338 State Highway 99 North
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About Us

The Sponsors Mentorship Program provides consistent and non-judgmental support and guidance for recently incarcerated adults. Through the process of mentorship, formerly incarcerated men and women will gain support in making positive life choices. Our program initiates and supports the relationships between community volunteer mentors and our Sponsors Inc. clients. These men and women gain the invaluable experience of having a non-judgmental friend and guide who can help them navigate life decisions in pro-social ways. Many of our clients have never had the benefit of a positive role model. Our goal is to help fill that void. The mentor gains valuable perspective into the lives of citizens who have struggled through our justice system and a friend as well.

We offer positive pro-social community members a volunteer opportunity to engage with previously incarcerated adults with the goal of developing a positive mentor/mentee bond that will enrich both individual's lives. Our hope is that not only will the mentee learn valuable skills with which to navigate her or his own life but that the mentor will also learn and grow in compassion and empathy as a community leader.