King of Glory Ministries

  • NC


PO Box 7
Flat Rock
United States

About Us

King of Glory Ministries is a non-denominational, Christ-centered ministry that seeks to serve boys and girls (ages 5 through 17) that may be dealing with forms of abuse, addictions, and/or thoughts of suicide. Every day, many children are losing hope, and some their lives, because they must endure the violence of physical, emotional and/or sexual abuse.

Though these aren't pretty subjects to talk about, and many of us like to avoid them completely, they are very real to many young children. If a child survives these attacks, they will often turn to drugs, alcohol, and sexual promiscuity to escape from the pain.

No child should have to go through such horrors. In response, King of Glory Ministries will serve to help them find safety and restoration through the love and ministry of Jesus Christ. Each component of the vision is focused on sowing seeds of unconditional love so the Lord can save, heal, and deliver hurting children from a life of torment and anguish and give them the hope of a future.