Vanished Children's Alliance

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991 W Hedding St, Suite 101
San Jose
United States

About Us

The Vanished Children's Alliance is a national nonprofit organization dedicated to the prevention, location, recovery and reunification of missing children.

VCA assists missing children and their families around the world through networking, referrals, technical information, searches, and emotional support.

VCA's goal is to reduce the number of missing children through our abduction prevention, and various training and outreach programs while increasing the location and recovery of missing children through photo dissemination, law enforcement liason services and case management.

VCA, located in San Jose, Ca, has assisted in more than 32,000 cases of missing and abducted children since 1980. Of these, we have documented that more than 90% have been found. All of our services are free of charge, as we are dedicated to keeping children safe and bringing missing children home.