Youth Action Program and Homes, Inc.

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206 East 118th Street
ew York
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About Us

Founded in 1978, Youth Action has been a vibrant leader of efforts to unleash the intelligence and positive energy of low-income youth to serve, rebuild, and lead their communities. As the original community base for the “I Have A Dream program,” as well as the original YouthBuildprogram, both of which have spread across the country, Youth Action has a history of efficacy and creativity in engaging and educating youth, developing young leaders, building and managing affordable housing, and contributing to grassroots movements for youth and community development.

Over the years, Youth Action has: engaged thousands of young adults in rebuilding 150 units of dilapidated housing in East Harlem; organized community improvement projects designed by youth; as well as managed after-school programs, GED programs, youth conferences, and coalitions seeking public funds for community development.Outstanding young leaders have emerged from its programs to go on to college and serve their communities.

The organization’s top priority is to run an outstanding flagship YouthBuild program with excellent educational, leadership development, and career pathways for low-income youth who go on to college, construction careers, and community leadership.