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About Us

The Fund for Women Artists is founded on the belief that women artists have the power to change the way women are perceived in our society. We want to make sure that artists have full access to the financial and other resources they need to do this crucial work.

Created in 1994 by Martha Richards, The Fund for Women Artists has raised over $4 million and created a website that provides free networking, fundraising and advocacy services to over 500,000 visitors a year.

We focus mainly on women in theatre, film, and video, and we have two main goals:

  • To Challenge Stereotypes - We challenge gender and other stereotypes by supporting the creation and appreciation of art that reflects the full diversity and complexity of women's lives.
  • To Increase Opportunities - We advocate for women artists to be paid fairly and to have more opportunities to make a living from their creative work.


The Fund for Women Artists offers the following programs and services at this time:

  • Support Women Artists Now Day/SWAN Day - The Fund for Women Artists, in collaboration with Women in the Audiences Supporting Women Artists Now (WITASWAN) has declared a new annual international holiday to celebrate women artists called Support Women Artists Now Day or SWAN Day for short. The first SWAN Day was celebrated in March 2008 with 160 events in 11 countries. Find out more at
  • The WomenArts Network - The WomenArts Network is an online directory designed to give women artists more visibility by creating a convenient, centralized place to find them. You can search through the profiles of over 1,100 women artists by name, keyword, geographic region or other criteria, or find out how to create your own free profile page at:
  • Funding Resources - The Funding Resources section of the site helps women artists get the fundraising information they need quickly and easily. There are carefully annotated lists of funding sources and other useful information. Browse through our lists of funders, or sign up for our free funding newsletters for theatre and film/video artists at