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About Us

Project REconomy was founded in 2009 as Good Grief America (GGA) by homeowners in Southern Oregon facing foreclosure. Project REconomy has grown into Oregon’s only homeowner-led nonprofit providing research, education, resources and empowered collective action to stop foreclosures and the devastating impact they have on the whole community.

Project REconomy seeks to create an economy that works for main street, not just Wall Street.Our focus issue is foreclosure because it is a strategic point of intervention in the larger effort to challenge the power of Wall Street, big banks, and corporate economic interests and to create an economy that works for all of us, not just those at the top. Project REconomy works with our statewide network to stop foreclosures and the destruction they cause in our communities. We have built a legal network, a research team and have focused on education and outreach to homeowners facing foreclosure. We have set legal precedent against the banks, stopped bank sponsored legislation in the Oregon house, provided input in crucial policy decisions, and worked in coalition with many other groups to hold events statewide that educate our communities and call them to action.

Our story is still unfolding as part of the movement for an economy that works for our communities.It will be written by all of us who are part of this movement as we take empowered action together and work for real economic solutions that work for Main Street, not just Wall Street.

Mission: Project REconomy empowers people to stop the siphon of money and resources from our communities to Wall Street by stopping foreclosures and creating an economy that works for all.

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