Care Trust Research Institute, Inc.

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About Us

Mission: The mission of Care Trust Research Institute is to empower our youth, to promote education, rehabilitation, self-esteem, and enhance the living skills of institutionalized adolescents and their families.

Vision: Care Trust Institute shall continue to voice the silenced and protect the purity of our delicate youth today seeking a safe haven. Our team of specialists will help in the expansion of our developments throughout the United States, to provide the appropriate health care system to challenged teens. Our “care” promotes “trust” in our institute to unite a family under one roof.

Through innovative technology, Care Trust Research Institute will provide in-patient group and individualized case management, therapeutic, educational, and on-site medical services predicated on evidence-based practices. An in-house jail diversionary program will allow proper diagnosis to children that are in need of mental health services.

Children suffering from mental illnesses need special attention from a provider who understands and accepts responsibility in helping and focusing on the well-being of the youth. There are many providers that outsource these vital services for financial considerations. Care Trust Research Institute will not out-source the care of our youth to other providers. The youth will be in the care of trained professionals in an in-house based facility.