Back In The Saddle Project

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About Us

Back In The Saddle Project or BITS Project is a proactive organization helping horses in crisis. We provide feed, vet care , and rehabilitaiton to horses abused neglected or saved from slaughter.

With the downturn in the economy and many people losing homes all pets need our help more than ever

We have several proactive programs to prevent neglect and overpopulation of unwanted horses.

Hay Bank Help for Hungry Horses - For people who own horses and have short term crisis due to nautral disaster, military deployment, domestic abuse or sudden loss of income.

Low or No Cost Vet Clinics - to keep horses from being neglected and to prevent unwanted breedings

Rehoming Help- Rehab, Retraining and Rehoming of horses that are thrown out after their racing careers have ended, the owners can no longer afford them or want them or they have been seized by Animal Control Agencies.

Our goals are to prevent horses from going to Mexican Slaughterhouses , prevent neglect and to help bring the horse experience to people everywhere.