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The Integrative Therapy Center offers movement-based expressive arts approach that integrates movement/dance, visual arts, writing (narrative/poetry), body awareness techniques and therapeutic practices. This approach supports personal, interpersonal and social/community transformation.. An embodied creative approach integrates the practices of body awareness, movement/dance, visual arts, writing and therapeutic practices. This approach supports the whole person as a dynamic and vital being. The goal of ITC is to develop partnerships with other community agencies to provide population specific groups with a body centered expressive arts approach. Thames Valley Addiction Services had their first expressive arts therapy group this past fall. This group was developed and co-facilitated by Deborah Windell (MSc. MSW. Cand). Our hope is to provide these partnerships whereby agencies can view ITC as an alternative in providing integrative therapeutic options. Methods We explore the relationship between the physical, emotional, mental/imaginary and existential levels of our experience and expression. We research the complex internal happenings of our psychic world of thought, emotions and behavioural expression and the effects of relationships, specific situations and cultural values on our emotional, physical and mental well being. On a therapeutic level we examine autobiographical material and explore this material not only verbally, as in conventional therapy, but through mediums of movement, drawing, writing and somatic practices. Beliefs about ourselves can be restrictive to our personal and relational growth. Through engaging in a embodied creative process more options are available to make changes. Our Tools The Body: We live in and through our bodies. The body contains and reveals our entire life experience. Our bodies hold our physical, emotional, mental and inspired experiences. It holds great wisdom; we must therefore allow for the body to express itself and find ways of observing and listening to have access to this knowledge. Body-Centered Therapy: Also known as somatic therapy encompasses a variety of approaches to acknowledge the importance of the body in forming our experiences in life. Feelings, sensations, thoughts, actions, body armour, images and impulses that arise from the body are an integral part of our experience. Body centered therapy helps to bring attention to inner states, observing our body’s language and habits and connecting these observation to our life and emotions. The ability to experience an inner presence in the here and now, embodiment is as a fundamental tool to live and express who we truly are. Movement/Dance: Movement expresses our personality, our ingrained patterns and the possibilities for change. Movement follows the same neuropathways as our feeling so when we move we feel. Our movement takes us inwards to our internal experiences and outwards to express our experiences into the world and with other. Movement connects us to the natural flow of life and our environment allowing a sense of wellbeing Voice/Sound: Sound is breathe made visible. Sound and words that come out of our body’s experience is a direct authentic expression. It is how our body speaks. Drawing: Visually creating an image allows for the externalization of the symbolic representation of our body felt experience that we can creates some permanence. Images provide concrete accounts of our imagination and unconscious symbolism. Writing: The spontaneous expression of words allows for a language that articulates our true reality at the time. We become storyteller, poets that articulate personal and collective stories. We create our own life narratives. Embodiment: The process or state of living in your body in the here and now. When we are able to observe our emotional energetic system that is located in our physicality and be present to the ebb and flow of our internal and external interactions and experiences, we feel a sense of groundedness in the essence of our being (ontology). Through the expressive arts we explore the ways in which we experience embodiment. Behind your thoughts and feelings, my brother, stands a mighty commander, an unknown sage – he is called Self. He lives in your body, he is your body.(Nietzsche, 1961 [1883], p. 62)

How we work and philosophy We work both individually and in groups. Individually the conventionally therapeutic practices are used. Each individuals needs are placed as the priority which might mean that a person feels comfortable with talk therapy. The foundation of trust, openness and acceptance of a person’s process is paramount for any deeper therapeutic work to occur.

We offer workshops and classes for the public throughout the year in movement based expressive arts that explore personal life themes and body sense (embodiment creative movement classes). Learn more about our workshops and classes……


Life In-Body Workshop

June 7 and 8th, 2014


These workshops on based on embodied dance and the expressive arts. Creation and research will be initiated by people’s own life experiences and personal and relational inquiry. We will blend dance and psychological concepts through the use of creating images, masks and writing to use for create improvisational dance.

Each workshop with begin with a movement warm up that will focus on sensation, imagery and breath to facilitate range of motion and flexibility to set the foundation for creative movement exploration.

Active listening and witnessing will be incorporated that allows for full expression within an environment that is non-judgmental and non-analytic.

Soma Speak

A part-two intensive to Life In-Body on Saturday and Sunday, April 19 and 20th, 2014, from 10-3 pm.

In this intensive we will explore, express and become more attuned to the symbolism and functionality of our body parts. This intensive will lead to further integration of body, mind and self Life Story as Metaphor

This workshop will be a full day workshop from 10-4 pm on Sunday, June 15th, 2014 In this workshop we will highlight memories that have influenced multiple parts of oneself. We will, through creative exercises, untangle the memories that are helpful and enhance our true essential selves; and those that are intrusive and destructive in our lives. This workshop will provide more clarity in sorting out what we carry from the past in our present lives and what we need to leave behind to truly live our lives more fully.

Call at 519-435-1237 or email me at for more information or to register for any of the workshops. Any workshop can be adapted at a more convenient location. I have facilitated workshops in Toronto, Vancouver, Kitchener/Waterloo, Sarnia and Haliburton.

The Listening Body is recommended as a introductory experiential workshop. The Listening Body This 3 hour workshop uses somatic practices, authentic movement and creative expression through art and writing to:

  • Enhance physical, emotional, cognitive awareness.

Through movement/dance expression:

  • The body is experienced as both an objective physical process and subjective process of lived consciousness.
  • Through moment by moment awareness the mind is given a focus to let the body lead.
  • Through body awareness and movement expression, habitual patterns of perception, posture and movement interaction with one’s environment is recognized.
  • Authentic movement allows for a unique, genuine experience of the mover being fully witnessed without judgement or analysis.
  • Most importantly, in this workshop participants experience an embodied sense of vitality that leads to a more joyous, conscious life.


True To Me NEW!!! A teen 3 day summer camp that focuses on body image and nutrition. July 1-3 in London, Ontario and July 7-9th in Toronto, Ontario This camp focuses on a daily theme: body image; coping strategies for overwhelming emotions ; healthy eating; mindfulness to help with difficult thoughts and feelings; self-esteem; and expressing my authentic self. The treatment modalities used are the expressive arts and movement, psycho-education, dialetical behavioural therapy; mindfulness and acceptance and commitment therapy. Please call or email to register.

Body Speak

Mondays 6:00-7:30pm

April 7-May 26th

(8 weeks)

This class is for people who enjoy moving, no formal dance experience necessary. Body Speak allows for movers to feel and sense their bodies fully while strengthening, stretching and expressing through various methods and movement practices.

Facilitated by Dorit Osher

$16 drop-in

Mindful Movement

Saturdays 4-6pm

April 12, 26, May 10, 24th

(Every other week)

Mindful Movement is a way of being that helps us to come back to the present moment, to slow down, and observe what is happening without judgment or reactivity. Being present to ourselves. This class will engage in a practice of mindfulness through movement. We will use the framework of mover and witness. Music will also be included to provide a backdrop to our experience.

Faciliated by Dorit Osher

Cost: $115 for 8 weeks, $16 drop-in


Dorit Osher, M.A, MSW, RSW, is a dance artist, educator and psychotherapist. She had a career as a professional contemporary dance in Europe with companies such as Batsheva (Israel) and Free Flight (South Africa). She currently is the co- artistic director of a new contemporary dance company called Contemporary Dance Collective (CDC), that uses structured improvisational experiences to create unique movement.

Dorit is also a clinical social worker with years of experience working with girls and women, having a specialty in eating disorders. She continues to integrate movement, creativity, mindfulness and body centered therapy in her practice as a psychotherapist.

Dorit is an instructor at Fleming College, Haliburton where she teaches in the Expressive Arts Therapy Certification program. Dorit is the founder of The Integrative Therapy Centre. This center provides body centered and expressive arts therapy. A body centered expressive arts approach integrates the practices of body awareness, visual arts, writing and therapeutic practices. This approach supports the whole person as a creative and vital being. Dorit believes that through arts and creative exploration community gathering, action and social/personal/political transformation can occur.

The Integrative Therapy Center

The Integrative Therapy Center offers movement-based expressive arts approach that integrates movement/dance, visual arts, writing (narrative/poetry), body awareness techniques and therapeutic…

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