The New City Council

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About Us

The New City Council is a non- profit organization that offers young entrepreneurs a platform to voice their ideas, thoughts and opinions on business driven topics, as well as implement these ideas into public programs. Due to the severity of the crisis in the world, it is no longer acceptable to rely on a government, a teacher, a preacher, a parent, or anyone here on earth to hold the power over our fate. As a group of intelligent, innovative, and inspired youth, we at The New City Council focus on real issues surrounding our failing economy, and what we as young people need to do to secure our future. We believe in helping one another get to our individual purposes which is why The New City Council has launched its Young Entrepreneur Round Table, or, YERT. YERT allows young business minded individuals to come to the table with their business plans, their ideas, and their innovations, to allow for collaborative efforts in achieving funding, recognition, and most importantly gaining the attention of the "powers that be" as a force to be reckoned with. We aspire to stay focused on our ideas, and our purpose, and to remain diligent in all of our efforts. It is the vision of The New City Council to rally together 1 million youth, and create 1 million business plans, and march to the White House and present the President with our plans for our future. All in all, The New City Council embodies the drowning statistic of prosperity for youth in the next 10 years, and we stand against it as a united, independent, and able generation of power.