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About Us

Courageous Love: Sacred Support for the Healing Warrior

Offering: To provide a safe space for people answering the calls on their lives towards service. Service is self-defined, but involves a call to support others. This is a space for the person seeking support for issues related to, but not limited to:

...discerning the call on your life

...answering the call on your life

...complexities of leadership

...whatever is on your heart or Spirit related to service

Why? Many of us lead in isolation. We find ourselves with large dreams and not knowing where to begin or doing our best to answer the call on our life, but attempting to walk through confidence, personal sustainability and fiscal challenges issues.

What is courageous love? Courageous love is love of self manifested outward as part of a commitment to social change. Courageous love is honoring what is while holding on to what is possible in ourselves and in the world. Courageous love is summoning the courage that lies deep inside of us to make what we think is possible a reality. It is brining our light in to the world.

What is a healing warrior? A healer is someone who makes things whole. A warrior is someone who follows and fights for their deepest inclination of truth and justice. A healing warrior is someone who does their own healing work as part of their larger commitment to justice. A healing warrior recognizes that internal transformation is a critical element to external changes and shifts in paradigms.