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About Us

COPION(COoperation and Participation in Overseas NGOs) is a non-profit organization registered with Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade. With the vision of building a viable civil society worldwide, COPION is dispatching volunteers to overseas NGOs/NPOs carrying out community development projects in developing countries.

COPION has sent over 3,000 Korean volunteers to 43 countries in Asia, Africa, and North and South America, and has been working with approximately 120 NGOs/NPOs since 1999. Those volunteers have served the communities in various areas such as local development programs, public education & awareness, and research & study. They are highly motivated individuals from various backgrounds including students, teachers, or professionals of other fields, who are eager to learn and serve.

In addition, COPION has provided financial assistances to a variety of developmental projects of our partner organizations in developing countries for active participation in global civil society.

COPION is also providing global leadership programs to train and nurture Korean people as responsible global citizens through lectures, workshops and study tours on global issues.