Deutsche Welthungerhilfe (German Agro Action)

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About Us

Deutsche Welthungerhilfe / German Agro Action - In pursuit of a world without hunger and poverty

We are one of the largest private aid-organisations in Germany, engaged in the field of development co-operation and emergency aid worldwide; founded in 1962, non-profit making, non-denominational and politically independent. Our work is financed by private donations and public grants.

We want to support people in so-called developing countries to improve their living conditions with a view to empower them to secure their livelihoods by their own strengths. Our guiding principles are the needs, interests and rights of the poor rural population.

We provide assistance from one source by means of quick humanitarian assistance and close co-operation with local partner organizations in longer term programmes, in those areas where hunger and poverty dominate the people’s daily life.

We work predominantly in co-operation with national and international partners from the political field, schools, the media and other areas towards ensuring that solidarity does not remain an meaningless phrase: Development is about chances and choices; it is about supporting people to become sustainable actors in shaping their own society.