American Academy of Optometry

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About Us

“The objectives of the American Academy of Optometry shall be scientific, educational, and charitable; to promote the art, science and research of vision care by:

• “Initiating and supporting, in suitable centers and institutions, research and educational programs in optometry and related sciences.”

This is achieved, in part, through awarding outstanding persons who have contributed to the optometric profession in some way. The Academy also provides continuing education (CE) opportunities to all interested parties in eye and vision care.

• “Affording an opportunity for the presentation and discussion of the results of research in vision care.”

During the Annual Meeting there are many opportunities to achieve this goal. The scientific symposia, workshops, clinical science lectures, clinical science posters, exhibits, etc. provide researchers and all interested parties the opportunity to present and discuss the latest optometric research findings, the latest technological advances in instrumentation and their practical application to the profession.

• “Encouraging the scientific observation and reporting of exceptional and instructive conditions encountered in the practices of individual Fellows.”

• The Academy’s journal, Optometry and Vision Science, and poster sessions, in particular, provide forums through which optometrists can pass along knowledge gained through their work to the benefit and education of other vision scientists.

• “Disseminating knowledge through the Academy’s journal, Optometry and Vision Science.”

The Academy’s journal is a highly respected publication among vision science and optometric care professionals that chronicles and archives the scientific advances in eye and vision care.

• “Enhancing the commitment of the Academy members to the highest ethical and professional standards of practice.”

The Academy’s high standards for the granting of “Fellowship” raises the benchmark by which all optometrists are measured, and thereby improves the quality of care the general public receives.