Community Refugee and Immigration Services

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1925 E Dublin-Granville Rd.
Suite 102
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About Us

Community Refugee and Immigration Services (CRIS) is an independent non-profit agency serving refugees, asylees and immigrants in central Ohio. CRIS' mission is to help refugee and immigrants reach and sustain self sufficiency and achieve successful integration into the Central Ohio community. Among local community-based organizations, CRIS is the largest agency providing services to immigrants in Central Ohio – and is the agency providing the most extensive services to immigrant populations in our area.

CRIS’ multilingual, multicultural staff was chosen for the purpose of meeting the needs of the refugee and immigrant populations who have arrived most recently, who are here in the greatest numbers and who have the greatest service needs. The majority of our staff members came to the United States as refugees or immigrants themselves.

CRIS has extensive experience in working with refugees and immigrants of all national origins, and a tradition of delivering services fairly and impartially. CRIS has served customers from over 119 countries of origin.

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