Fundación Khanimambo

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About Us

Khanimambo means thank you in Shangana, an ancestral language from the south of Mozambique – the one spoken by our sponsored children. This word was the start of our dream, which today is the dream of many children from Xai-Xai.

Khanimambo Foundation was born in September 2007 thanks to the drive and energy of the three founding partners: Alexia Vieira, Jorge Juárez and María Moreta. Initially it took shape as an association and very soon afterwards it became a foundation with one clear goal: to provide the children of Praia de Xai-Xai (Mozambique) and neighbouring areas with the means to improve their situation. Children deserve to live decent childhoods.

All our time and resources are dedicated to working simultaneously on several development areas: education, health, nutrition and housing.

The projects can be accomplished thanks to the support of private contributors: members, sponsors and donors. In addition, we have collaboration agreements with various institutions such as schools, universities and socially committed companies, which undertake action on specific needs identified in the field.

Our mission is to help children of the more underprivileged areas of Mozambique to live a decent childhood and thus enable their future

Our vision is to work directly on improving the children’s life conditions, bringing them up with education and affection, encouraging family unity as core to their growth, and we integrate within their community to enable sustainable development

Our values: we believe in maintaining open, direct and close relationships with all collaborators, we believe in respect and integration, we value the effort and dedication of all involved. We seek smiles, a positive and optimistic approach to cooperation, we are a young and close NGO, vibrant with fresh energy and hope, and we are fully independent from any political or religious ties.