Respond and Rebuild

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About Us

Respond & Rebuild is a disaster response team formed in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy to work with families in devastated areas of NYC for safe returns to their flood damaged homes. Since the day after Sandy struck the East Coast, we’ve been in the field, working with volunteer teams and donated tools to pump water out of homes, remove debris, and gut the damaged first floors of hundreds of homes in Rockaway, New York.

Now, potentially toxic mold is posing a huge public health risk in the area, and our next and most urgent phase of work is to perform free mold treatments on as many of these affected families’ homes as possible. From our experience working in the Gulf Coast after Hurricane Katrina, we know firsthand what a health crisis mold can become if not treated swiftly and effectively.

We have a proven process and the infrastructure to implement it. In addition, we also do as much community education on mold, renter's rights, insurance protocols, and FEMA assistance as possible. We offer more than just physical help; we offer an organized and long-term support system for people in the community.